Climb to majestic Ostrý Roháč (2088 m above sea level) - king of the Western Tatras

Ostrý Roháč is rightly one of the most admired and photogenic peaks of the Western Tatras. Its dominant, sharp peak reminiscent of the Swiss Matterhorn attracts even the most demanding tourists. It is located in the main ridge of the mountain range between Baníkov and Plačlivô.

I recommend starting the hike to Ostrý Roháč in Račkova valley from the parking lot near our Drostra. After about 4 hours, you will reach the beautiful Jamnické pleso, set in an impressive rock amphitheater.

This glacial cauldron was formed by the action of a massive glacier in the ice age. From there, follow the yellow sign, you will go to Jamnické saddle, where you will open a view of the majestic Ostrý Roháč towering right in front of you. This is followed only by the final ascent along the red marker, sometimes exposed terrain with safety chains installed.Expect an ascent time of around 6 hours (maybe a little more).

During the hike you will enjoy the beauty of the untouched nature of Račkova Valley. You will surely be enchanted by the mysterious atmosphere of Jamnické plies, two beautiful glacial lakes hidden under massive cliffs. Predatory streams with many cascades flow through the valley.

Ostrý roháč

Here you can meet chamois, marmots or rare birds such as golden eagles, peregrine falcons or black carnivores. The local flora is also unique - extensive stands of rhizome, colorful mountain meadows full of rare plants such as Gentian clusov, Carpathian Soldanelka, Little Bell or endemic Horn Hawk. In glass cracks Quamistone perennial, Hvozdík glacier or Poniklec slovak. The most beautiful views of the surrounding peaks and valleys can be found directly from the top of Ostrý Roháč.

You stand on an exposed rock tooth, under which steep walls fall from three sides. The northern wall descends directly into Smutná dolina valley with an elevation of more than 1000 meters in less than a kilometer - one of the largest elevations in the Carpathians.

Kamzík Vrchovský

To the east rise the majestic peaks of Blyšť, Volovec and Baníkov, to the south are Plačlivé and Klin. With good visibility, you have Liptov or Orava in the palm of your hand. A truly majestic sight!

Another interesting fact about Ostrý Roháč is that at the beginning of the 20th century an important Polish poet and publicist Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer worked here, who dedicated several of his works to this region. Rohace was his great inspiration and he climbed Ostrý Roháč several times. The charming descriptions of the Tatra nature in his texts attract tourists to this day.

In conclusion, I must emphasize that Ostrý Roháč is a very demanding hike for skilled and experienced mountain hikers. Exposed ridge sections and ferrats are especially dangerous in wet or icing. Firm shoes, confidence in steps, not to suffer from dizziness are necessary. The ideal time is autumn, when weather conditions are more stable and nature plays with the most beautiful colors.

I believe that for many, the ascent to Ostrý Roháč will be a life experience and a dream come true. Its beauty, grandeur and wildness will not leave anyone cold. May the hike be successful and bring many unrepeatable moments in the embrace of the king of the Western Tatras!

Foto: Jaro Janovčík

Ostrý rohač