For water enthusiasts, we have several options available on how to enjoy the time spent in a wild water.

 You can enjoy the adrenaline on rivers such as Bela and Vah, or on the artificial channel in Liptovsky Mikulas.



Rafting on the river Bela

Rafting on the Bela river belongs among the most beautiful natural whitewaters in Slovakia. This whitewater is qutie difficult and thus recommended only to the experienced rafters, or at least in the presence of an instructor.

The best time for rafting on Bela is the end of April and throughout May, while the snow is melting on the hills and the rain is plentiful. Bela is located in the northeastern part of Liptov and flows directly from underneath the Krivan mountain. Traditionally, the rafting begins from Podbanske (from the Kokavsky bridge) to the city of Liptovsky Hradok (17km).

The track can be adjusted according to your needs, and so you can finish already at the iron bridge at Liptovska Kokava near the Autocamping Vavrisovo, or in the last destination and that is Liptovsky Hradok.

Perfect rafting weekend with a perfect accomodation!

Great location in the middle of a pine forest. Milan and his wife were so helpful, always happy! Good music at the reception desk, even the dog (Dzejar) sang a song for us! Breakfast and dinner were delicious and more than enough! Everything was perfect! Thank you Lodge Sileo! I hope we will meet again in the near future! :)



Upper section of Kokavsky bridge – Pribylina

From the Kokavsky bridge, the Bela river flows through a spruce forest with a high slope and a narrow stream. The water in this section flows through large boulders and thus creates large waves, which make the rafting in this section uniquely attractive. The end of this section is near the iron bridge, in the vicinity of the Pribylina village. There is a massive rock sill which, in times of high river stages, forms interesting waves.

Lower section of Pribylina – Liptovsky Hradok: The section from the iron bridge to Liptovsky Hradok flows through less forested area. The river has a smaller slope and often spreads into several arms. The largest waves on the Bela river occur exactly here, above a small hydroelectric powerplant. Water flows through a slate sill and creates beautiful waves which tend to change in case of various water levels.

Difficulty: Medium to hard, WW II – III+

Length and time of rafting: Kokavsky most – Liptovsky Hradok 17 km approx. 2 hrs

rafting Bela

Rafting on the river Vah – suitable for beginners and families with children

Rafting on Vah in comparison with Bela is undemanding and suitable even for families with children.

This part of Vah can be rafted through from the Cherveny kut (conflux of Black and White Vah) near the village Kralova Lehota until the hydroelectric powerstation near Uhorska Ves village.

The Cherveny kut is about 5 kilometers east from the city Liptovsky Hradok, near the mountain pass Chertovitsa. The rafting track runs along Liptovsky Hradok and continues alongside an autocamp at Borova Sihota, Podturen village and ends in Uhorska Ves.

The run belongs among the least difficult, thus is suitable as a fun trip for families with children. Throughout the rafting, you will be able to see Vah from the same viewpoint as Liptov rafters at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries, with the only difference being simple wooden rafts used back then.

The track is limited only by the water level which is sufficient throughout the entire rafting season.

Difficulty: Low WW I – II

Length and time of rafting: Cherveny kut – Uhorska Ves 11 km – approx. 1.5 – 2 hours

Rafting na Vahu

Rafting in the Water Slalom Resort in Liptovsky Mikulas – the home channel of Michal Martikan and Elena Kaliska

Artificial channel with its difficulty and equipments meets the world-class parameters. This channel is the ‚home environment‘ of the Slovak rafting olympic winners – Michal Martikan and Elena Kaliska.

Area is used for various sports activities, in selected dates it is possible to raft on rafting boats. Thanks to its availability and plenty of space for various activities, it is often used for corporate events and celebrations combined with adrenaline fun.

If you don‘t consider yourself a skilled rafter, you will enjoy this channel the most with an experienced guide. You‘ll be spinning in whirlpools and you‘ll paddle while you have the strength. The advantage of this area is that your friends will be able to watch you and cheer for you from the shore during the whole rafting experience.

The area is managed by the sports club, and thus rafting is allowed only outside the training and racing sessions. Except for this, there are no further restrictions, as the area is available throughout the entire season, regardless of the water level.

Difficulty: Medium to hard, WW II – III+

Length and time of rafting: 350–400m, standard 2 hrs (multiple rides).

For further info about activities, contact us at: info@sileo.sk or by phone 00421 905 394 537

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