Museum of a Liptov Village

Museum of Liptov village in the village of Pribylina is among the youngest open-air museums in Slovakia.

 It consists mainly from wooden residential and farm buildings. Among the renovated buildings of craftsmen of the past, you can see the houses of a blacksmith, portreeve and numerous others. With their uniqueness, they will take you to the unique environment of a historical Liptov. It is divided into several expositions documenting life in the 18th, 19th and the start of the 20th century.

Individual objects of the open-air museum in Pribylina will interest people with the coziness of the interiors, small dimensions and often natural materials. This all had its reasons – heat conservation.

The dominant landmark of the museum is the gothic church of Virgin Mary. There are paintings located on the walls, remnants from the original church. The rest of this church can be seen even now, a short journey away from Liptovska Mara.

We also recommend to visit the manor, originally built in the village of Parizovce, which ceased to exist due to floods. It was, however, possible to move the manor to the open-air museum and thus becoming one of the most important objects of the museum. The manor can be entered only with a guide. The furniture is lively and decorated. The museum offers guide services as well as a souvenir shop. It is open throughout the year and various events take place here.

How can we get there?

The open-air museum is a part of the Liptov Museum in Ruzomberok, situated after the village Pribylina, in the direction of Podbanske. You can get here from the highway, using the exit to Liptovsky Hradok and Podbanske. Bus routes go from Liptovsky Hradok, Liptovsky Mikulas or from Tatras. Directly in front of the open-air museum, there‘s a parking lot.

Another option is to make a nice bike trip.

It‘s a 5 minute ride from us to the open-air museum, alternatively you can make a 20-minute walk. It‘s really close,
just under 2 kilometers.