He who enjoys wild nature will not be disappointed in Western Tatras. Dozens of kilometers of trails, overcoming the peaks of Tatra mountains alongside with a panoramic view on both Slovak and Polish nature. There are trails for everyone – for those who want to feel the thrill of overcoming their own boundaries, or for families who simply want to enjoy the peaceful nature with their little ones. Forests and meadows in the surroundings are rich both in fauna and flora. Mushroom pickers and herbalists will not be disappointed either.
Also, if you have watchful eyes, you might find a herd or two.

What places can you reach?


Reaching 2,185 MASL, it consists of a massif protruding out of the main ridge of Western Tatras. Thanks to its dominance above Liptov Basin, it is also called The Peak of Liptov. On top of the peak, there is a concrete pillar with a summit box.


Jakubina reaches 2,194 MASL. Trail leads from mouth of Uzka Valley through Othrancov Ridge. Technically, the ascent is not very difficult. It offers a very picturesque view on Rackova and Jamnicka Dolina, as well as on the massifs of Bystra, Baranec and Ostry Rohac. If you feel like going even further, going further for approximately 30 minutes more, you will reach another 2k peak, Hruby Vrch, 2,137 MASL.

Ostrý roháč

  • Trail’s start located 1,5 km from Pension Sileo
  • Blue mark, following with a green, yellow and then red mark
  • duration: 5:30 hrs
  • https://sk.mapy.cz/s/2qVay

Reaching 2,084 MASL, Ostry Rohac is one of the most known peaks of Western Tatras. It lies in a ridge formed by peaks Banikov, Placlive and Volovec. The ridge continues further along the Slovak-Polish border until the peak Blyst, near Bystra. Ostry Rohac is among the most prominent peaks of this part of Tatras. The toughest trails have installed chains to help you overcome difficult terrain.


  • Trail’s start located 1,5 km from Pension Sileo
  • Yellow mark, following with a green and then red mark
  • duration: 5:00 hrs
  • https://sk.mapy.cz/s/2qUu5

Reaching 2,173 MASL, Klin is a peak located on the main ridge of Western Tatras, between Gaborove and Rackove Sedlo.


  • Trail’s start located 1,5 km from Pension Sileo
  • Yellow mark, following with green and a blue mark
  • duration: 5:00 hrs
  • https://sk.mapy.cz/s/2qV8i

Reaching 2,248 MASL, it is located in the southern part of the mountain range’s main ridge. It overlooks three valleys: Rackova Dolina, leading southwest, Bystra Dolina, leading from the peak down south, and Kamenista Dolina, leading southeast. On the southern foothill, you can find two tarns located in cirque formations, as well as Anitino Ocko, located downhill. The path to the peak of Bystra is encompassed by steep slopes on all sides, while on the way to Gaborova and Kamenista Dolina, the slopes are usually clearings. Bystra is also a geographical end of the Kobyla ridge which, from the eastern side, borders Bystra Dolina.


  • Trail’s start located 1,5 km from Pension Sileo
  • Blue mark, following with a green and then yellow mark
  • duration: 4:50 hrs
  • https://sk.mapy.cz/s/2qVay

Reaching 2,125 MASL, Placlive/Placlivo is one of the lesser-known peaks of Western Tatras. It is located on a ridge between two peaks: Banikov and Ostry Rohac. The peak is formed by a sharp slope-y summit. In the past, Placlivo was also called Placlivy Rohac. Its northern side as well as a major part of its southern side consists of steep rocky slopes. Feeling like going on a trip for the entirety of a day is not a rule, and so if you would like to go somewhere for an hour or two, you can definitely find such places in Rackova. The destructive windstorm that caused a lot of damage, sorrow and headaches also created truly beautiful and breathtaking views.

Pod Kečku

Kecka is a peak 1,489 MASL high. There is a trail located approximately 180 meters below the peak. There and back, it is a pleasant 10 km trip with a 400 m elevation. I call it ‘The Practice Trail‘ … a small section with elevation and, within two hours, you are back. I enjoy it the most during winter. You might encounter cars transporting wood, but they are very rare.

Above Javorníky

A little bit longer but nonetheless beautiful trip, with ascent like the one to Kecka – 1,300 km MASL. Overall it is 6 km long, with almost equal elevation totaling 400 MASL. They are similar trails, but with a different view. Throughout the entirety of the trail, your gaze will constantly be reminded of Krivan’s might.

Along the sheds

A pleasant long trail situated 8 km away from Sileo. Thanks to its undemanding ascent and descent, it is safe even for those who were born earlier or for those, who are still learning how to write. Overall elevation does not go above 200 meters. In the winter, the sheds are used for storing hay. Therefore, if you will go quietly, you might be able to see deer, hinds, stags or rabbits, as they really love the place.

With us, every place is a stone’s throw away

If you are searching for a place where you could take your stroller, we will be happy to help you. Even for the littlest ones, there are plenty of places to go to. And if that’s not sufficient for you, from our pension, every place is a skip and hop from here. To support our claim:

  • Ticha and Koprova Dolina (Valley) 8 km
  • Tri studnicky, entrance to Krivan 15 km
  • Strbske and Popradske Pleso (Tarn) with all the peaks 30 km
  • Janska Dolina 15 km
  • Jasna 35 km
  • Prosiecka and Kvacianska Dolina 35 km