Go back to your childhood - Sileo Winter Classic is waiting

Remember those times when we played hockey as kids on every available frozen surface? No skates, no pads, just a stick and a puck? That's how we revisit those unforgettable moments every year as part of our Sileo Winter Classic!

Our ice rink has once again become the arena for an extraordinary hockey tournament, where real "gladiators" meet - players who go for victory without skates and pads. This year we celebrated the 9th edition and it was an experience like never before. Despite the all-day snowfall, which made it a bit difficult to maintain the ice surface, we were not discouraged.

The atmosphere was indescribable, it was the snow that added to the magical winter charm. 10 teams participated, but the Slovak team came out on top again after a year.

Congratulations to the Freeriders for their victory this year! Played in a 2 on 2, two times 3 minutes format, it's the perfect opportunity to reminisce about those carefree childhood games on the street.

We don't want to miss out on the memories either, so below this post you'll find photos that perfectly capture the atmosphere of this year's Sileo Winter Classic. And we're already looking forward to our 10th year, which we hope will be an even bigger celebration of friendship and sportsmanship.

And now to you, our dear supporters! Do you fancy organising your own unforgettable event on our ice rink? Whether you have a corporate tournament, teambuilding or just want to experience unforgettable fun in a winter atmosphere, Sileo is here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will create an event tailored to your needs!

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