A record number of children especially enjoyed the connection of adults in Račkova dolina

The first Sunday of June was very cheerful in the peaceful surroundings of Račkova dolina in the premises of the Sileo Guesthouse on a freshly mown green meadow. Children's laughter, sometimes even children's screams, joy, smiles, fun filled the hearts of many parents or grandparents, but especially children who were looking forward to sports and knowledge disciplines.

From a strong hand to crossing the forest

Disciplines with catchy names that hid a certain secret in themselves had to be completed by all registered children.
At the beginning, they received a card with their name, surname and individual disciplines. The first discipline was called Strong arm - children could see in detail a car with a hydraulic arm that takes wood out of the forest. The second discipline was called Hit me - throwing donuts into a bucket was accompanied by a lot of laughter and joy.

The third discipline, the bear delicacy, attracted perhaps the most attention - beekeeper Ján Vrbičan from Pribylina spoke engagingly about bees and their work and the extraordinary importance of bees for nature and society. When it's dark in the forest - the discipline was really fun. Blindfolded children, accompanied by a parent, had to go through a track on which the parent guided his child with words.
Cynology is an integral part of hunting, and the name of the discipline Dog Friends says it all. Pif Paf was a discipline in which children tried out an air rifle, a children's bow and a children's crossbow.
After that, the children moved on to a competition full of laughter called Even after three it will go, in which a pair of children tied one leg together and hopped like a bunny through an obstacle course. The super ride was like a live wheelbarrow full of laughter. It was the parents who "furnished" their child.

The forest as an interesting book of life

The children could experience a display of trophies from the Bystrá Hunting Area with expert interpretation and getting to know the animals in our nature at the discipline called Guess who lives in the forest. The Pribylina firemen opened the fire engine, removed the hoses and the children could spray directly on the target.
The State Forests of the Slovak Republic, OZ ​​Liptovský Hrádok also participated in the Children's Day in Pribylinsk. For the little ones, they prepared the discipline "Play in the forest" with a very engaging and expert explanation about life in the forest, directed by Michala Ondrejková. The children sat down on the ground and determined, got to know songbirds, predators, could catch fish from a dry pond and get to know animals living in the Tatra nature.
Horses have belonged to the forest since ancient times, but it has been confirmed that children are very close to horses. The discipline called I drive you was literally an attraction for them. Every child could ride on a huge draft horse. It was an experience - a small child and a giant horse.

Rope walking was mainly for the skilled

Another sports discipline was Crossing the river. The first look - this will be easy. Namely, apparently two simple ropes tied to two trees looked comfortable, but the moving rope and crossing with it made it difficult for the children. They needed a lot of courage and skill to master the discipline. A day embroidered not only by the weather, but mainly by the joy, frolic and laughter of children and adults. Many disciplines, but all were winners. Reward? Peace of mind and a package of goodies, a whistle and an excellent stew made of venison for everyone, young and old. The bonus ending was an inflatable castle with a slide and firefighting foam from the firefighters from Liptovský Hrádek.

Children and adults alike found their way

Adults could view the exhibition of deer antler matches, prepared by PR Bystrá Pribylina, PZ Belanská Vavrišovo and PZ Machy Liptovská Kokava. The king of our mountains is definitely the deer and his antlers are the royal crown. The Western Tatras offer high-quality deer matches, which delighted visitors and nature lovers.

The organizers' statement: "We are glad that we managed to tear the children away from their mobile phones and computers for at least one day and were able to experience a piece of nature in a good mood together in the nature under the Western Tatras. The full happiness of children and adults was wonderful. We would like to thank the sponsors, mothers from Medovnívě domček, hunters from Pribylina and everyone who helped organize Children's Day in Pribylina. This event is becoming a tradition with high quality. This year's participation of one hundred and forty presented children is a record so far."

What to add to a wonderful day? "It was wonderful to see so many happy children and satisfied adults," concluded one of the mothers, Jana Harbach.