Sileo and the Ice Kingdom

Downhill skiing is definitely worth mentioning. The top Slovak ski resort Jasná Nízke Tatry is located nearby on the Chopok hill, reaching 2024 m. The arena itself has a 49 km long section of routes of various difficulties – 13 blue, 15 red, for more demanding individuals 6 black slopes and 12 free-ride zones. There are 15 lifts, 8 chairlifts and 5 cabin lifts. You can get to Demänová in just 15 minutes from us, all you have to do is get on Jasná.

Opalisko in Závažná Poruba is ideal for people looking for a more intimate atmosphere at a friendlier price. There you will find 3 slopes, 1 blue and 2 black. 4 lifts and 1 chairlift will take you up the hill. There is an excellent ski school PEPE ski, whose instructors are guaranteed to be friendly not only to your children, but also to your wallets. And if you're looking for gear, we recommend renting it right there.

You can also take a snowball from Sile to Štrbské pleso. There are 9 km of easy and medium trails, 5 lifts and 1 nursery school, 3 chairlifts and almost 27 km of groomed cross-country trails. And the fun doesn't stop there. If this offer is still not enough for you, there are small resorts in the vicinity of Podbanská, Vyšná Boca, Čertovica and Žiar. Among the larger ones, Malinô Brdo or Tatranská Lomnica are waiting for you 50 km away.

The environment of Silea is also ideal for lovers of cross-country skiing. There are several routes available that cross the meadows extending around the entire guesthouse. The section from Podbanské to Liptovská Kokava, which boasts wonderful views of Kriváň, is interesting. Despite the fact that in two places (over the bridge and the main road) in the section Liptovská Kokava - Sileo, it is necessary to turn off the cross-country skis and transfer them, in principle, you can reach us on cross-country skis on this route (Liptovská Kokava - Sileo 4 km).

If you've found a passion in backcountry running, there really aren't many better places. Outside of civilization, through the forest or meadows in powder with a good base layer, everyone will find something for themselves. Especially in the embrace of silence and away from people.

The mountains in our region are also suitable for ski alpinists. Ski mountaineering is a winter sport that is a combination of skiing, cross-country skiing and navigation. Končistá at a height of 1994 m.a.s.l. or Klin reaching a height of 2173 m.a.s.l. is ideal for this activity.

Icefalls are definitely an attractive winter experience. At least for those who would like to climb the icicle in winter, not just lick it